What We Do

Media publicity, events, sponsorship, competitions and promotions are just some of the elements we employ to ensure we achieve results. We work with our clients, applying our experience to become a dynamic and enthusiastic part of your team. 

We aim to provide strategies that complement and enhance your overall marketing communications program. Each campaign is documented and evaluated and a summary report is provided, giving you a benchmark for success.


Our Experience

From supporting your sales team, generating awareness and enquires, launching a new product, or revitalizing an old one, Bay PR has the experience to create and implement an impactful communication program designed to meet your specific needs.

Each PR program is tailor-made to ensure a positive relationship between your product or service and your key target audience. Store openings, launches, surveys, media interviews, media training, crisis and issues management, promotions and targeted publicity campaigns are part of our extensive experience and are just some of the activities we offer to make sure we deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.


Media Experts

As media experts, we pride ourselves on our relationships with key journalists. Every day we are in touch with a wide range of journalists from news media, consumer lifestyle magazines, women's magazines, trade publications, TV, radio and press. We build media relationships on our clients’ behalf and when it comes to telling and selling a story, we know how to deliver the right message to the right target audience to achieve the best results.

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Event Managers

Conceiving and managing an event, from selecting the right venue, to staging, theming and media relations, requires experience and careful planning. 

Bay PR has successfully staged and managed a wide range of events over the years, plus numerous new product launches, media calls, parties, functions, dinners and internal corporate events.

Bay PR has the experience to make your event one to remember!


Successful Sponsorships

Many companies embark on sponsorship but end up disappointed because they feel they didn’t receive any value from their investment. The truth is that sponsorship needs to be the right fit and leveraged in the right way through an effective and powerful public relations program.

At Bay PR, we can advise you on which sponsorships are ideally suited to your company and develop a sponsorship and media leveraging program that works.


Social MEDIA AND DIGITAL Marketing

From driving engagement on Facebook, to developing a creative and dynamic Instagram presence, we have proven experience at planning and managing social and digital media campaigns that deliver exciting and measurable results. 

As skilled communicators, we are well-versed at writing creative and relevant content that can make meaningful connections with your target audience across a wide range of platforms - it's all part of the PR mix.  Our expert team can enhance your marketing program with a digital strategy that can put you ahead of your competitors and optimise your online impact.

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From promotional literature, to website copy to brochures and new product information, Bay PR has extensive experience in copywriting, delivering the right message to the right audience.  

Bay PR is the Sydney agency of choice for many Real Estate agents looking for copywriting excellence and we have been applauded for our copywriting skill, attention to detail and quick turnaround.

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In these changing times, our great relationships with media is just one of the strings on our bow.  We pride ourselves on developing meaningful and fruitful influencer relationships designed to meet the specific needs of our clients’ products and brands and that deliver measurable outcomes.



From organising kissing booths for Colgate, National BBQ Day for BeefEater, calligraphy workshops for Pilot Pen, musical chairs for Fantastic Furniture and a huge array of exciting campaigns in between – we are adept at planning and implementing powerful activations guaranteed to add a sparkle to your marketing campaign.  Whether you are launching a new product or are aiming to reinvigorate an existing one, we can tailor-make an innovative and creative campaign that will set your company, product or brand ahead of the rest.



As social media continues to drive public opinion and brands compete in a world where ‘content is king’, Bay PR is becoming ever more creative at devising innovative integrated campaigns to provide a unique ‘recipe’ tailor-made to each brand, company or product we represent.  Some of the most successful campaigns we have delivered have taken influencer engagement to a new level, bringing online relationships offline, creating cut-through with media and driving authentic consumer engagement.  The world of PR is changing and we are happy to be changing with it!

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